High Street Baptist Church, Tring

The High Street Baptist Church in Tring is now a busy church, reaching out not just to the town itself but to the villages around.

High Street Baptist Church in Tring is typical of many Baptist Churches up and down the country. Strategically located at the heart of the town, there are records of a Baptist presence in Tring since 1750 but, were it not for the support of Home Mission in the 1980s, it might have closed down.

How we helped

In 2016 the church applied to Baptist Insurance Company for financial help, predominantly to fund salary costs for fledgling children’s work, as part of its overall initiative of “reaching into and engaging with our community." 

Using the existing church building and resources, church staff and volunteers have been able to offer regular mid-week activities that are much appreciated by those who attend, many of whom have commented on the safe environment and variety of activities on offer.  But Children’s Work Coordinator, Carolyn Boulton and the dedicated team of volunteers who plan, prepare, serve and clean up each session, have also been able to get to know the children and their carers, building up friendships and being part of the support network for the community. 

While most of those who attend the Activity Room, Tots or Play Café sessions do not attend church regularly on Sundays, they do see High Street Baptist Church as a key part of their lives, and some have joined the congregation.  
The outcomes of the children’s and young people’s work have exceeded our expectations and continue to grow and develop.

Carolyn Boulton, Children’s Work Coordinator

“We have been delighted to see our work with children and young people grow over the past year and would like to express our thanks to the Baptist Insurance Company for their generosity in helping bring this about.”