About Baptist Insurance

Our Baptist values are at the heart of all we do

Using our deep understanding of Baptist church life, we provide insurance services to the Baptist community, reinvesting any financial surplus for Baptist community growth.

What we do

Baptist Insurance first started out in 1905 to protect Baptist churches against fire. Since then, we have grown to become the market leader supporting the Baptist community, as well as offering:

Who we are

Our church and home policies both offer comprehensive cover. Our church policy has been designed specifically for church customers. Whether you are a minister or church member looking for contents insurance, buildings cover or both, our home insurance policy can provide the protection you need.

Should you need to make a claim, you'll get a knowledgeable member of our claims team to help you through the process, working quickly to make your claim run as smoothly as possible.

We aim to live out our values in all our business activities, operating with integrity, being mission-orientated, sustainably minded stewards, open about our faith, and generous towards evangelism, helping to enable safe environments for worship, witness, and service. Our culture is about:

Protecting Baptist churches - by doing the business that we are uniquely positioned to do, to a high standard, both technically and relationally, therefore helping to protect Baptist churches to the best of our ability, showing our love for God and for our neighbours

Supporting our customers - by living out our values in our customer service, employment, environmental and social policies throughout our sphere of influence.

Being mission orientated and purposeful - delivering an important service to a high professional standard, innovatively to remain relevant and efficiently to remain cost-effective, so that we play our full part in furthering the evangelistic and discipling mission of the Church.

Being of service – providing an accessible service; with considerations given to those who find it harder to engage with and access services like ours.

Being open and engaging about our values - we serve the Church with insurance and related services and aim to do so “wearing our heart on our sleeve”.

Giving - using the assets and skills at our disposal to support the Baptist community, celebrating successes, and sharing the burden of difficulties as we do so.

Our promise to our customers

We are always prepared to go the extra mile to support our customers and have the desire to provide exceptional insurance solutions, offer excellent service, and make a positive impact on society. This desire comes to life here in the form of our Customer Promise, which aims to demonstrate under five key headings, the standard that we set for ourselves in delivering good outcomes for our customers every day.

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