A guide to legal expenses insurance

27 May 2020

Unexpected legal issues can bring major headaches – our Legal Expenses Insurance gives you peace of mind.

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How does legal expenses insurance work?

Unexpected legal problems can happen to anyone – our Legal Expenses Insurance is designed to help you with their cost and complexity.

It provides:

  • Experts with specialist knowledge in the particular legal issue you face
  • A system to manage and pay your fees
  • On-tap assistance on an array of UK and EU legal matters which might affect you

Baptist Insurance has teamed up with the pioneering legal expenses insurance firm DAS who will deal with your legal claim and associated fees for us. For the majority of civil matters, we only support cases with a reasonable likelihood of success.

To find out if your policy includes legal expenses cover, or for help with conditions and levels of cover, please speak to our underwriters.

What is covered by legal expenses insurance?

  • Employment disputes
  • Defence costs in some cases and prosecutions
  • Contract disputes
  • Debt recovery
  • Property protection
  • Personal injury
  • Tax protection

Why should you consider taking out legal expenses Insurance?

  • Highly-trained legal experts waiting to help you
  • Help and assistance with a variety of legal matters concerning your business
  • A 24/7 confidential helpline for claims and advice1
  • A better, speedier service approved by us and provided by people we work with regularly, under outstanding agreement terms

1 Our helpline operates 24/7 in England and Wales – other customers can call 9am-5pm Mon-Fri, excluding bank holidays.

What are the key conditions of cover?

As with all claims, conditions do apply. Please note that these include:

  • Potential for success in civil matters
  • Expenses which DAS has not pre-approved
  • Incidents which occurred before policy began

To discuss legal expenses cover, please contact us on 0345 070 2223.