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31 August 2019

Working together to protect your church.

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When you take a policy out with us you will receive a number of key documents including:

  • A Baptist church insurance policy booklet containing the terms and conditions of your policy.
  • A policy schedule detailing dates and other information specific to your church.
  • An employers’ liability certificate which can be displayed at your church or made available electronically.
Useful documents

There is a range of useful documents available from our risk management team which help ensure the safe and efficient running of your day-to-day activities.

Health and Safety policy
Trustees need to be aware of their Health and Safety responsibilities under the relevant legislation.

Fire risk assessments
All churches are obliged by regulation to make sure they have completed a fire risk assessment.

Safeguarding policy
Every church should adopt a safeguarding policy for children and vulnerable adults. It should be a concern for the whole church and reflect activities on and away-from church premises. It should be adopted by and reviewed annually.

View all risk management documents

When to get in touch

Changes to your usual church activities might require adjustments to your insurance cover so you have the right level in place. Depending on the level of risk, we may also need to adjust your insurance premium. 

Please contact us in the following circumstances:

Repairs, extensions and other types of building work

  • If you are having building works at your church, please contact us if:
  • the works are over £150,000 
  • the church will be closed during the works 
  • the works require scaffolding 
  • hot works such as welding are needed
  • you have limited cover for your buildings.
Read more about buildings works.
Personal accidents – please let us know as soon as possible if someone gets injured at your church whether they are an employee, volunteer or member of the public.
Change of correspondent – if you would like someone new to receive correspondence from us, please contact us and we will update your details. 
Events, activities and community outreach – some community outreach projects will require adjustments to your policy, you can learn more about when to contact us by visiting: 
Unoccupied churches or closing churches – when churches are unoccupied they are exposed to different risks. Please call the church team if your church will be unoccupied for a significant period of time (30 days or more). 
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