Reduced premiums for terrorism cover

26 October 2022

Terrorism cover is an optional extra that you may or may not have chosen to add to your policy.

Like many UK insurers, we arrange reinsurance for terrorism with Pool Reinsurance Company Limited (Pool Re), a member-only reinsurance company specifically set up for this purpose and ultimately backed by the Government. 
Pool Re has announced that for policies renewing and new policies incepting from 1 October 2022, the premiums required to purchase terrorism cover are being reduced. The extent of the reduction will vary accordingly to your geographical location. 
Pool Re set certain rules around the provision of terrorism cover that all its member companies follow. One of Pool Re’s main rules is the “adverse selection” rule, whereby any customer arranging terrorism cover cannot insure just some of their properties, they must insure all of them or none at all - although some exemptions do apply. So if you insure any property against terrorism (whether with us or another member insurer), you will be required to arrange terrorism insurance on all your properties.
If you have any questions about your cover or would like a quotation, please contact 0345 070 2223
(Other forms of terrorism cover may be available from insurers who are not Pool Re members).