A guide to building works

31 August 2019

If you have any plans to carry out alterations or extension works to your church, you must ensure that your church insurance is accurate and in place for the duration.

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It is very important that you understand the insurance implications of building works and when you should contact Baptist Insurance.

Who is responsible for insuring works and materials?

You can check the terms and clauses in your building contract to understand who has responsibility to insure the works in progress and materials on site.

Please check with your architect well before the works start and, if necessary, send us the details using our contract works questionnaire so we can advise you on whether an additional premium is payable, in which case we will supply you with the appropriate documentation.
Reputable contractors will have public liability insurance in place in case the works cause injury or property damage to a member of the public. Before you choose to work with a contractor, we recommend checking that they have this cover in place. You can seek evidence by asking them to show you their insurance certificate.

Building works guide for churches

The guide provides information on what you need to consider when planning building works at your church. In certain cases, you will be automatically covered under your policy, but depending on the extent and cost of the works we may need to arrange additional insurance for you. The guide includes:

  • when to contact Baptist Insurance
  • what to do if you have scaffolding in place
  • frequently asked questions we receive from our customers 
  • links to helpful checklists, template risk assessment forms 
  • sources of further information.
Download the building works guide
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