A guide to church scaffolding

15 January 2024

The presence of scaffolding on any building can seriously compromise security, the following requirements are therefore important to acknowledge.

Vector image of man on Scaffolding

Cover for theft of metal when scaffolding is in place

Baptist church insurance policies normally exclude theft of external metal when scaffolding is in place unless some extra precautions are put in place.

What do we need to do to qualify for cover?

A church must meet the following minimum requirements for theft of metal cover to apply:
  • The church must have applied SmartWater (or an alternative forensic marker approved by Baptist Insurance).
  • The warning signage (included with your subscription) should be displayed in a prominent position.
  • The church’s unique code should be registered with the manufacturer.
  • You must have installed a roof protection system to a specification approved by Baptist Insurance, which is linked to a monitoring service and is regularly maintained.

In addition to the above, a church must put the arrangements in place that are detailed in our scaffolding checklist.

Referring to the Baptist Insurance scaffolding guidance will help you understand if any security protections can be built into the project. We recommend that the contractor or architect completes this due to the technical questions asked, however it is not compulsory.

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