Baptist church surveys

25 January 2021

As a Baptist Insurance church customer, you have access to our team of risk management surveyors.

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It is important that your buildings and contents are insured for the correct sums to ensure you are not underinsured in the event of a claim. Our risk management surveyors undertake surveys of churches to review buildings and contents values for insurance purposes.

Our risk management team is here to provide help and advice to you on issues relating to insurance property valuations and managing the risks associated with the church buildings and their use.

When insuring the church building it is expected that the policy sums insured represent the full cost of rebuilding the church from the ground upwards should it be completely destroyed, for example by fire. This allows for rebuilding on a basis generally referred to as a “new for old”. The contents sum insured should represent the cost of replacing the contents with modern replacement items. An allowance for professional fees and VAT should be included where appropriate.

Churches will vary in age, accessibility, size, construction and location. Special consideration needs to apply if a church is a listed building or is situated in a conservation area. This will have an impact on the estimated rebuilding costs of the church and the sums insured recommended.

Our Risk Management Surveyors will provide this information to you in a report following the survey.