The #doyouknowHim? initiative is a two-pronged challenge of evangelism and discipleship, which came about as a result of all the churches in Skipton working together on mission and outreach.

About #doyouknowHim?

Starting with a shared teaching series over ten weeks in 2017, members of the churches were encouraged to get involved with weekly evangelistic street outreach under the united banner of “#doyouknowHim?”. In addition to being printed on the leaflets that were distributed, the strapline was also added to a range of good quality giveaways, designed to get people asking about Jesus so that they could be told they can know Him personally.

We have been a bit taken aback by how successful the campaign has been.

Revd Phil Burns of Skipton Baptist Church

“The street outreach has continued on a monthly basis and the giveaways have proved very popular, giving us lots of opportunity to emphasise the good news of Jesus.”

In 2018, Skipton Baptist Church was given a grant from BIC, which enabled the #doyouknowHim? team to print additional material, including a simple tract explaining the Christian faith, and to get involved with the annual Skipton Gala, a well-established and popular event. The grant also helped facilitate a stand from which the churches were able to give out the branded items and tell people about Jesus.
The reason for making #doyouknowHim? about more than just evangelism is clear but powerful: “We believe that if you have the privilege of leading someone to faith in Jesus, you have the responsibility to disciple them,” explained Phil.
Plans for 2019 include a fortnightly follow-up to the Alpha course and more invitational events to which people can bring their friends. “Our hope is that this initiative will spark something that continues far beyond what we have already done, to see churches outgrowing their buildings because so many people have come to know the Lord. Bold, I know,” said Phil, “but we have a great God.”