Myland is God’s land

Founded in Spring 2017, New Growth Ministry (NGM) serves a busy commuter belt to the North West of Colchester, Essex.

About New Growth Ministry

With its focus on being “present without an agenda”, NGM seeks to share the good news of Jesus with the residents of several housing estates in an area called Myland, under the leadership of Revd Lynsey Heslegrave.

Being “present without an agenda” does not, however, mean that there are no planned activities.  In fact, pioneer Lynsey is very busy making the most of the opportunities God has brought to NGM, including regular discussion groups that have drawn people together to grow spiritually through some very tough times; monthly Forest Church, family-focused activities that use time outdoors to bring Scripture to life in a new way; and participation in Make Lunch, a national initiative to provide hot meals to families during school holidays.  Future plans include Prayer Spaces in one of the local schools.

Understanding that the journey of faith is neither quick nor straightforward, Lynsey feels she is learning to step into the flow of what God is doing, rather than pushing her own ideas.  “Just as Jesus took time to focus on the Father and then allowed Himself to be interrupted by what God was doing” explained Lynsey, “so we spend time praying, listening to and waiting on God.  Then as we go out, He opens doors and brings us into contact with the people He wants us to reach.”

This is not always easy, as Lynsey freely admits.  “At times it has felt a bit hit-and-miss, but we have been thrilled to see some people really flourish in their faith and join our core group.  Others are only slowly opening up as they get to know and trust us but it is beginning to feel like a community that is ready to explore spiritual issues.”

Lynsey’s heart is to reach those who are unchurched or who find traditional church isn’t for them but she is strongly linked into the local Churches Together, as well as the Baptist family, and highly values their prayerful and practical support. 

We are very grateful for the grant from BIC which, alongside the financial support of Home Mission and nearby Baptist churches, is allowing us to share God’s love with the people of Myland.

Revd Lynsey Heslegrave