Christmas preparations

28 November 2023

Before the festive season begins, some general housekeeping at your church will help festivities to run smoothly.

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Here are Christmas safety tips to help ensure your church is prepared for all the extra visitors during the festive season. 

Festivities calendar

Stay on top of your plans by compiling a calendar of events. This will help with the planning of your festive services and activities. Consider any risk management precautions that may be necessary. Find out more about events.

Safety and escape procedure

Ensure your plans are up-to-date. Make sure stewards are aware of the plan, including escape routes.

Fire risk assessment

With extra lights and candles, it is important to revisit your fire risk assessment procedures. Our guidance notes offer helpful advice on managing fire safety.

Christmas lights

Thoroughly inspect lights for any defects and ensure power leads and cables do not pose a trip hazard. See our guide to electrical wiring.

Christmas trees

If your church has a tree, ensure it is secure so it won’t fall over and cause any damage or injury. When choosing a location for the tree, check it doesn’t block the church’s exit routes.

Completing tasks at height

Preparing your church for the celebrations may mean completing tasks at height, for example, putting up lights or other decorations.

See our working at height information for plenty of tips on ensuring those helping this way are kept safe.

Slips and trips

Slips and trips are the most common causes of injury in churches. Keep your visitors safe by maintaining footpaths and steps during wintry weather. Read our slips, trips and falls guidance for more tips on how to protect people at your church.

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