Unlocking funding to 'green' your churches

11 April 2024

Climate change is one of the biggest and most important issues facing the world today – how can churches respond?

Green leaf with a cross in the middle.
Given that one key to lowering carbon emissions is reducing energy consumption (and hence bills) there should be a win-win, but where do you start?
Begin by assessing how green your church already is and from that produce a plan for improving it. If you are unsure where to begin, The Baptist Unions Environment Network initiative brings together resources and stories to assist your church. Use tools like the BMS Carbon Calculator which can help assess your church's carbon footprint and support your improvement plan. Alongside this develop your story demonstrating why it is important to the church and how taking steps to care for God’s creation is part of your mission. 
Identifying potential actions and creating a story can help unlock green funding towards the costs:
  • The Government launched its £25.5m VCSE Energy Efficiency Scheme in December 2023 which will fund energy efficiency assessments on charitable properties, then provide capital funding towards improvement work. 
  • Many local authorities have grant schemes to assist community buildings, including churches, to reduce their emissions – check at county and district level if applicable.
  • Community Foundations cover specific geographic areas. 
  • Most grants are thematic and often include carbon reduction funding programmes.
  • Many national funders have aims to improve energy efficiency – both National Lottery Community Foundation and Garfield Weston Foundation stress this.
  • Look at particular activities or partnerships that could attract relevant funding, such as grants focused on improving energy efficiency in buildings by hosting winter Warm Spaces. 
The competition for ‘green’ funding can be fierce! Start with proper evidence of need and a clear plan then cast your net as wide as possible and focus on the community benefits of reducing the church’s carbon emissions. 
To support you in unlocking funding, find easy-to-use guidance and tools via our fundraising hub. Discover a wide range of topics such as understanding the grants process, telling your story and access a free list of church funders providing grants
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