Clayton Baptist Church, Bradford

Online assemblies and fun sessions about Easter and Christmas have helped Clayton BC build links with local schools within the community.

The team at Clayton Baptist Church in Bradford were presented with an opportunity during lockdown which led to children’s worker Lucy Brown – wife of the minister, the Rev Kenny Brown – collaborating more closely with the staff at the nearby St John’s Church of England Primary.
‘We filled in a parent feedback survey from the school on behalf of my son during lockdown,’ said Lucy. ‘We offered help in the form of being prepared to deliver online assemblies. The head teacher responded positively, and the digital journey began.
The performances from the midwife who delivered Jesus and Brian the comedy shepherd were popular.
‘I got to grips with video editing software called Filmora and began producing weekly online assemblies, and I used it to create virtual versions of our “Rewind to Easter” and “Rewind to Christmas,” which are educational, interactive, high-energy sessions about the true messages behind these important Christian festivals designed especially for youngsters, working collaboratively with a variety of people.
Regional winner Yorkshire [image]‘The performances from the midwife who delivered Jesus and Brian the comedy shepherd were popular. I’ve even had youngsters come up to me in the street and say, “Aren’t you Lucy from those videos?” and this has led to discussions.’
Hard copies of the Rewind resources produced by Clayton BC have been gifted to three schools in the area, and since the return of face-to-face teaching Lucy has been going into St John’s weekly to deliver assemblies which led to the opportunity to input into Year 4 religious education lessons and work with the Deputy Head to plan future assemblies.
Rev Kenny Brown said, ‘We’ve been building trust and relationships within the community and the three local schools. Lucy’s work has really begun to cement these connections as we continue to share Jesus. We are delighted to be a regional winner and are considering how to use the prize money to help us share the good news of Jesus in our community.’