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05 May 2020

See how our claims service has exceeded the expectations of the Reverend Vic Jackopson for 50 years.

Since 1905, Baptist Insurance has grown to become the leading insurer of Baptist churches and communities in the UK. We’re passionate about supporting people and organisations who really make a difference and so all our available profits go back to Baptist communities in the UK.
We’ve proudly insured retired Baptist Minister, Reverend Vic Jackopson’s home for 50 years. During that time, he’s had a number of claims for loss and damage and we were there to help again in February.
Claims Handler, Matt Hopkins, said: “When Reverend Jackopson first called us about damage from Storm Dennis, he was unaware of its full extent and understandably quite distressed. His son arranged to fly from the Ukraine at what was clearly an anxious time for him. We were happy to wait for his son’s arrival to inspect the damage, authorising scaffolding and urgent work in the meantime. 
“Once the contractor could investigate, we immediately agreed to pay the cost of ‘like for like’ repairs. Since Reverend Jackopson wished to also undertake some additional improvements at his own cost, we were able to ensure these could be done at the same time, that being the most economic option.”

When customers thank God for the Baptist Insurance Company … we’re doing something right*

Delighted with the service our claims team provided, Vic said: “It’s not an understatement to say that I am actually shocked at how cooperative, supportive and helpful Baptist Insurance has been at all times over the years. 
“There are real horror stories about insurance companies quibbling when it comes to paying out claims … Baptist Insurance could not be further away from that kind of thing. The way every claim is handled comes from a place of trust and cooperation from the start, coupled with an overriding sense of understanding and helpfulness.”
With the restrictions of COVID-19 in place, Vic’s interior redecorating has had to wait, but the contractor is ready to go, and our claims team will be there to ensure everything runs smoothly. In the meantime, he’s keeping busy during lockdown setting up a home video studio to produce vlogs for his Ukrainian charitable work.
* Vic Jackopson writes on the Baptist Collaboration UK Facebook page (25 March 2020): ’Thank God for the Baptist Insurance Company. When I returned from Ukraine a few weeks ago, I discovered that the severe storms had compromised my chimneys. Water had cascaded down the chimney into my wood-burning stove and surrounds. What a mess. … I feel truly blessed as an old geezer living alone with three serious health issues, that what could have been a long drawn out process, was expedited with the minimum of fuss. … Well done Baptist Insurance Company and thank you God that your blessings are new every morning.”