The role of a loss adjuster

29 May 2020

When a church unfortunately suffers a claim of some sort, one of the team that steps in to help is a loss adjuster.

Our customers do not always understand their role and some worry about what to expect, so we spoke to Sarah in our claims team to explain the role in more detail.

The loss adjuster is often the first on the scene, and depending on the size of the claim, plays a key role in a church planning their recovery. For example, where a church has experienced a fire, the Baptist Insurance claims team and a loss adjuster will work with the church to reassure them and talk them through what will happen next. 
Together they will prioritise making the church safe from hazards, such as falling debris, which can often occur following a fire. In addition, they will make sure all monuments are protected and necessary contents removed, as smoke damage can often leave surfaces coated with corrosive residue. The loss adjuster will also look to source an experienced structural engineer to conduct internal and external safety checks. 

The loss adjuster is often instrumental in guiding the church through some of the key decisions they need to make, particularly where the church needs to close temporarily while repairs are carried out. This could include:

  • finding an alternative venue for events already in the diary, e.g. weddings
  • planning where day-to-day activities, such as worship, are held
  • safe storage of contents that has to be removed from the church
  • whether there is any maintenance work that could be carried out whilst scaffolding is in place
  • any alterations a church would like to build and incorporate into their new design. 
At Baptist Insurance, we select only loss adjusters that truly understand our ethos and we make sure they uphold the same high standards and values as ourselves. We work closely with all our adjusters to assess our customer’s claims quickly and fairly and to ensure we always give the best advice.
“Any large or complex claim can be very overwhelming for those involved. Our loss adjusters are an extension of our Baptist Insurance team and we’re extremely proud of the experience and commitment they bring to each case.” 

Sarah Cox, Technical Claims Manager, Baptist Insurance 

“Thank you so much for your kindness in all the help you have given. Great news, we have received the money! Every penny counts.” 

Mount Pleasant Baptist Church