What is home emergency cover?

02 January 2024

Home emergency cover is included in Baptist home insurance policies and gives 24-hour access to rapid-response contractors.

Vector image of man stood by leaking toilet

24 hour support for home emergencies

Home emergency cover is included in your annual premium and you don’t have to pay any excess if you use it. We provide up to £1,000 cover for each repair including the cost of call out, labour and materials (including VAT).

What does home emergency insurance cover?

It covers emergencies which are a risk to your home in the hope that fast treatment will limit damage. We define emergencies as sudden, unexpected and requiring immediate corrective action to:

  • prevent any damage or further damage to your home
  • make your home safe and secure
  • relieve any unreasonable discomfort, risk or difficulty to you.

Cover is available for incidents related to:

  • Roof damage
  • Plumbing and drainage
  • Main heating system
  • Domestic power supply
  • Toilet unit
  • Home security
  • Vermin

To find out more about the cover our home insurance provides call 0345 070 2223.

What to do if you need to make a claim

When you become aware of a possible claim you need to call us immediately and notify us of your claim. Baptist Insurance Home Emergency Claim Line: 0345 268 8471. This cover is arranged in conjunction with DAS Legal Expenses Insurance Company Limited.