DJ Ministry

DJ Ministry takes church and mission into music and nightlife space.

About DJ Ministry

Funding from Baptist Insurance Company is supporting Third Space Ministries to develop its DJ Ministry and mission across the UK and abroad. 
Third Space Ministries recently celebrated its 10th Anniversary and has been a leader in the development of chaplaincy and a mission presence in the nightlife industry for many years. Growing awareness that DJs and producers can have very specific mental health and spiritual needs led to the formation of the DJ Unity Group in 2017.
Anne Bishop, Chair of the BIC Grants Committee, said: “Third Space Ministries has been building understanding and relationships between church and music culture for many years, and the creation of something specific for DJs was a natural extension to their work.  We have been delighted to see how much they have achieved and feel blessed to have been able to support their work with a grant.”
Challenges of the music industry require special support
Rev Carolyn Skinner, CEO of Third Space Ministries, said: “DJs work long and unsociable hours alone, pressures of the industry are challenging, the environment is tough, lonely and isolating; Sunday morning worship doesn’t fit; and some DJs feel unwelcome at their home church or judged for their work and culture. Music culture doesn’t have to be alien; dance music can be worship too.”
The DJ Ministry mission has three objectives: 
  • To give pastoral support to Christian DJs and those already in the music industry through online support and prayer groups, regional prayer meetings, worship and community
  • To offer chaplaincy services to music management and reach out missionally at festivals, clubs and gigs
  • To help churches understand music culture, connect with culture and be a bridge for the music industry to come back into church congregations. 
The DJ Unity Group now has more than 100 members, including DJ Luke Rollins, pivotal since the start: “A few years ago, prayer, prophecies and dancing feet echoed around an unloved and uncared for space. Now that space is being filled with the sound of unity, purpose and unconditional love, all to the tune of great music and grateful feet.”
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