Yac Shack shows youngsters the way

Swindon Baptists are turning youngsters away from crime and drugs through evangelism.

With anti-social behaviour, drug-dealing and violence blighting their area, Rodbourne Cheney Baptist Church minister Jamie Reeves teamed with Swindon Youth For Christ, St Mary’s Rodbourne Cheney, and Shine Pinehurst to set up a youth and community meeting point, the YAC Shack, on a local recreation ground.

‘A grant of almost £15,000 from Baptist Insurance literally built the foundations for our portable hut, as well as helping in other ways,’ said Jamie. ‘We do sports and arts and crafts, conveying the Christian message in words and actions, building a community of people who belong and are loved.

‘Our youngsters are on a journey of discipleship. Some believe but aren’t committed to regular church, while others may not yet believe but hold the values. We’ve seen remarkable growth in confidence, character, and behaviour. Some pray with us and feel safe to discuss faith matters with us because of the trust we have.

‘We’ve had one young girl come to faith, and her father – a man with a past of drug use, abuse, and violence – has started reading the bible and has become one of our voluntary youth workers. Another man, previously an atheist, came to us via the YAC Shack and was then baptised at RCBC.

‘We’re really grateful to Baptist Insurance for their financial help and for providing the foundation for the YAC Shack.’

‘It’s heartening to hear how things are going at the YAC Shack. Bringing the word of God to youngsters is fantastic and we’re so pleased to have been able to help them to get started.’

Anne Bishop, Chair of the BIC Grants Committee

Baptist Insurance which has helped to fund the YAC Shack project, has given over £2 million in grants over the past ten years to Baptist outreach and evangelism.

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