The Well

Baptist Insurance grant enables The Well to reach young adults and students in Sheffield

The Well is a Baptist Church in the heart of Sheffield, where 60,000 students live alongside young professionals, families, and businesses.

Between 2016-18, the Baptist Insurance Company jointly funded The Well’s Young Adult and Student ministry, along with the YBA and the church itself.

While many churches struggle to engage the 18-30 age group, The Well focuses on supporting young adults transitioning through this period of life. It commits dedicated leaders and missional communities to support young adults to become disciples who raise other disciples amidst the challenges of contemporary life.

Real, authentic relationships are the foundation, based on a loving family model

Reverend Nick Allan, Minister of The Well, said: “Many students are living away from home for the first time and, while they may only be in Sheffield for a few years, we welcome them to journey with us and other young people as a family.

“We invite students and young adults to share life, food and the unique challenges, questions and opportunities that arise during these important years. Many have joined, many have become Christians and been baptised. In a fast-growing church, along with Sunday worship, our missional communities provide support and care for each other in many ways.”

Our communities are the glue that keeps people together in a fast-growing church

As well as Sunday worship, student communities meet weekly to share a family-feel meal and friendship. They participate in Social Action Saturdays, working with partner charities to serve others in ways such as mentoring and providing practical help to those living on the fringes of the community.

The Well operates as a busy social venue with a contemporary café space; live music is a strong part of its worship, social and outreach programmes, and identity as a church.  Its Young Adult and Student ministry has been crucial to the co-ordination and training of The Well’s student communities and leaders. It has enabled a Minister in Training to support pastoral oversight of new joiners and those who become baptised. As a result of the programme, The Well has seen scores of young adults join the church each year since it was established in 2015.

“We are delighted to support churches like The Well with their outreach activities,” said Anne Bishop, Chair of the Baptist Insurance Company Grants Committee. “It is especially heart-warming to see comprehensive discipleship being established in the lives of these young adults, which will stand them in good stead for years to come.”

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