Kidz Klub

Volunteers are spreading the word to youngsters on the south coast through a brilliant mix of faith and fun – with the help of two grants from Baptist Insurance.

Christian youth workers Chris and Debbie Jarvis set up the first Kidz Klub in 2008, and are now partnered with five churches across the city of Brighton and Hove, giving parents much-needed respite and children the chance to socialise in a safe, supportive environment.

Alan Tant, who works with his wife Tina alongside Chris and Debbie, said, ‘We run five Klubs for those aged 7 to 11, and one for 11 to 18s, with an average of 160 attending each week. Many utilise our free minibus service.

‘There’s always a different weekly theme with high-energy sports, crafts, food workshops, quizzes, games, competitions and a storytime explaining the message of God’s Word, giving them a hunger and love for it – there’s something for everyone with prizes and rewards for attendance and participation.

‘We also have a thriving young helper programme (11-16s) that develops their leadership skills and three youth residentials each year providing a balance of fun and exploration of the Christian faith.

‘We’re an overtly Christian group, we make no secret of that. We want to show children and their families the love of God, and certainly see God working through us. A number have come to faith and now attend church. Many stay on as adult team members once they reach 16, which is testament to how important it is in their lives. Half of our sixty-plus adult volunteers are under 25.

‘We’ve seen eleven baptised over the past few years – including one mother who came to faith through her teenage daughter – and at least eight more are preparing for baptism. It’s unlikely they’d have come to Jesus without Kidz Klub. We’re open to anyone regardless of their belief or background – we have a couple of Muslim families who join us each week. We’re very grateful to Baptist Insurance for its grants, as they’ve helped us to work towards our vision of expansion as we partner with more churches.’

‘Kidz Klub is achieving amazing things in Brighton and Hove. There’s no greater thing to do than to bring people to God and faith, and to do so in a way which also brings the community together is outstanding. We are delighted to have been able to play a small part in the success of the clubs.’

Anne Bishop, Chair of the BIC Grants Committee

The Baptist Insurance committee has given over £2 million in grants in the past ten years to Baptist outreach and evangelism.

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